Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) – The International Homeopathic Medical Society – is the oldest and most prestigious international association of homeopaths. It was founded in Rotterdam in 1925 by 14 members from 9 different countries. It has grown into a global organization representing medical associations from more than 80 countries worldwide.

The LMHI moved its statutory seat in 2013 to the house where Dr Samuel Hahnemann lived for thirteen years, in Kothen-Germany.
In the same year, the LMHI achieved the status of a non-profit organization from the German Government.

The purposes of the association are development and securing of homeopathic worldwide and the creation of a link among licensed homeopaths with medical diplomas and societies and persons who are interested in homeopathy.

The Italian Federation of Homeopathic Associations and Homeopaths (FIAMO) was set up in May 1990 as a result of the need to create an Italian association for homeopathy that was completely independent of commercial interests in the field. There are various categories of prescribers of homeopathic remedies. F.I.A.M.O. represents classical homeopaths, medical doctors who are quite distinct from other categories of doctors and prescribers who use homeopathic remedies with completely different prescription techniques, such as homotoxicologists and anthroposophers.
The Federation aims to develop and raise awareness about homeopathy and its representatives. It seeks to encourage dialogue and the exchange of ideas, experiences and information among homeopaths and homeopathic associations. Its main activities therefore concern training, and research in the field of homeopathy.

FIAMO Contact Person

Giovanna Giorgetti

T: +39 (0)744429900

M: +39 347 7837 157




25-28 September, 2019


Conference Venue

Hilton Sorrento Palace

Via Sant’Antonio, 13

Sorrento, Italy



Languages of the Congress are English and Italian



An application will be made to the EACCME® for CME accreditation of the scientific programme of the LMHI 2019 International Congress. Further information will be available on the Congress website on  Satellite Symposia are not CME approved unless the organizer has gained approval for the particular symposium. Each health professional can ask at his own medical college, order, association or foundation the convertibility of European credits in National course credits, to be approved by their own Country.

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