Key Invited Speakers

Key Invited Speakers

Paolo Bellavite is a medical doctor, specialized in Haematology. He  holds a MPhil in Biotechnology and a master in Health Statistics and Clinical Epidemiology.  He worked as Professor of  General Pathology in the School of Medicine, Verona University  and at present he works in the same University as teaching Assistant and research supervisor. His areas of research focused on inflammation, with particular regard to the function of granulocytes (neutrophils and basophils), macrophages and platelets. On these cells, on neurocytes and on murine models, Bellavite with his group investigated the effects of conventional and homeopathic compounds. In collaboration with others he founded the Observatory of Complementary Medicines and carried out observational clinical studies. He published over 250 scientific papers, 151 of which are  indexed by PubMed-Medline, and several books including “The Emerging Science of Homeopathy” (North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA).  Website and complete list of publications:

Lucietta Betti (13-12-1952), earned her degree with honors in Natural Sciences from the University of Bologna in 1976, and earned her specialization in Phytopathology with the highest grades in 1981. She was a Confirmed Researcher from 1980 to 2015 with the Department of Agrarian Sciences (DipSA), School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Bologna. Between 1993 and 2013 she was a Term Professor of “Vegetal Pathology”, of “Vegetal Sistematics I” and of “Fungus and Algae Micology” with the MM. FF. NN. School of Science, University of Bologna. She has dedicated time and effor to a number of research projects in the field of vegetal pathology, in particular relating to the diagnosis of virus phytopathogens in garden and ornamental plants and to the defensive response of the host towards biotic stress (virus and fungus) as well as abiotic (weak electromagnetic fields, UV radiation, chemical compounds). In addition, she spent numerous periods abroad at several research institutes. With respect to the field of agro-homeopathy, she was the scientific scholar or coordinator of numerous research projects, financed by national institutions and/or companies relating to the study of the effects of highly-diluted compounds on the natural resistance of diverse cultures to fungus pathogens; to the study of interaction between biotic or abiotic stress and the expression of functional compounds in cultivated species; to the study of the effects of natural compounds on the nutraceutical properties of certain cultures of interest to agriculture (strawberry and cauliflower) and to the resistance of said cultures to pathogens such as Botrytis cinerea and Alternaria brassicicola in organic agriculture; to the study of the action mechanism of highly diluted compounds on various vegetal models; to the study of laboratory procedures for the qualitative-quantitative analysis of the effects of applied agro-homeopathy treatments.

Lucietta is a member of the directive commission of GIRI (Gruppo Internazionale di Ricerca sull’Infinitesimale – International Research Group on the Infinitesimal); she is a copy editor for a number of international publications.

Lucietta’s scientific work is documented by more than 80 articles in national and international publications and by her participation as an invited speaker at numerous national and international conferences.

Bio and Picture to be published soon

Bio and Picture to be published soon

Prof. Associato (retired) of Physical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry of the “Federico II” University of Naples. His scientific interest concerns the thermodynamics of aqueous solutions of molecules model of biological interest. In the last twenty years the interest has shifted to the study of the aqueous solutions of Homeopathic Medicine. In this sector he has published about 50 experimental works on the chemical-physical properties of the Extremely Diluted Solutions (EDS) of homeopathic medicine. In recent years the scientific interest has widened and has been turned to the unknown properties of the water of which the EDS are its main representative.

Professor of Medicine and Head of the Outpatient Unit:Homeopathy in malignant Diseases – Division of Clinical Oncology, Department of Internal Medicine I of the Medical University in Vienna.

Professor Frass is Specialist in Internal Medicine and Homeopathy, as well as Senior Intensivist

From 1992 to 02/2004: Head, Intensive Care Unit – Med. Univ. of Vienna, Dept. of Medicine I

Since 05/1994: Vice President of the „Ärztegesellschaft für Klassische Homöopathie“ (AEKH: Doctors Association for Classical Homeopathy)

Since 01/1998: Docent of ÄKH for training courses in Salzburg and Linz

Since 2001/02: Coordinator of the lectures “Selected Chapters and Scientific Discussion of Complementary Medical Methods”,  Med. Univ. of Vienna

Since 6/2006: President of the “Österreichischer Dachverband für ärztliche Ganzheitsmedizin” (“Austrian Umbrella Association for Medical Holistic Medicine”).

From 2005 to 2018: Coordinator of the „Freies Wahlfach Homeopathy” (“Free Lecture Rounds: Homeopathy”), Med. Univ. Vienna

Since 7/2005: Chairman, Institute for Homeopathic Research, Vienna

Since 10/2010: Chairperson of WissHom (Scientific Society for Homeopathy), Koethen, Germany

Dr. Klaus-Henning Gypser MD started his pure homoeopathic private clinic being located at Glees, Germany, in 1986. He published more than 200 articles in homoeopathic journals worldwide, collected and edited the lesser writings of three influential homoeopaths of the past, namely C. von Boenninghausen (1785-1864), C. Hering (1800-1880) and J.T. Kent (1849-1916), and wrote several books, forewords and introductions. Dr. Gypser was editor in chief of “Zeitschrift fuer Klassische Homoeopathie” and of “Homoeopathic Quarterly”.
He lectured on homoeopathy at the Faculties of Medicine at the Universities of Bonn and Giessen and taught homoeopathy for post-graduates at home and in different countries like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, South Africa and Switzerland.
He held several positions in homoeopathic organisations and he is member of the LMHI, Visiting Professor at Shri Kamaxidevi Homoeopathic Medical College, Shiroda, Goa, India, and Visiting Professor at Homoeopathy University, Rajasthan, India, as well as Invited Foreign Professor at Escuela Médica Homeopática Argentina, Buenos Aires.
He is the founder and director of the “Glees Academy of Homoeopathic Physicians”. This institution for the teaching of pure homoeopathy is also the home of the project of the “revision of the materia medica”. With a group of co-operating colleagues at present 57 volumes were published under the editorship of Dr. Gypser (

Dr. Bhawisha and Dr. Shachindra Joshi have been working with Homoeopathy for the past 25 years. They are globally known for her research, new insights and her excellent teaching skills. They have worked extensively with remedies from the Mineral, Imponderable and Animal kingdom.
The Joshi couple have developed a System of prescription based on Levels of human development that is followed globally for over a decade now. Their latest work in linking all the kingdoms on the grid of the Periodic Table and their system is popularly known as Joshis’ MAP (M – mineral, A – animal, P – plant). It has helped the homoeopathic community to make clearer prescriptions. They have described and explained this work based on clinical experience in 7 books that are translated in several languages.
The couple has an independent clinical practice in Mumbai. Their work is popular around the world and has earned them the title ‘Dynamic Duo of Homoeopathy’.
• Patterns in Homoeopathy – In a fundamental discovery Traditional Homoeopathy and Advanced biological classification merge to pave the way forward to address modern day challenges.
• 7 levels of Human development.
• The periodic table as a universal grid
• Joshis’ MAP (Mineral , Plant and Animal remedies on one table to make in-depth and precise prescription for sure success).

Bio and Picture to be published soon

Currently running several homoeopathic clinics in Hospitals as well as my private clinic since 36 years.

One of India’s renowned homoeopaths known for his diagnostic and practitioner skills

From 1980: Homoeopathic Consultant at Homoeopathic Health Center – Mumbai Area, India

From 1998: Homoeopathic Consultant at King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India

From 1985: Homoeopathic Consultant at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, India

From 1995: Homoeopathic Consultant at Ruby Hall Clinic


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in “Oncology and Homoeopathy” from M.U.H.S. in 2016

Fellow, Registered Counsul of Homeopathy, UK, 2007

Doctor of Medicine from University of Rajasthan. Passed M.D. in Aug.1994. Got distinction. Stood First Class First in the University. Got highest marks in all principle and subsidiary subjects.

Post Graduation Completed and qualified the Post Graduate Course of studies in the Principles and Practice of Homoeopathic Medicine held in the year 1991 from Hahnemann Postgraduate Institute of Homoeopathy, London, October 1991.

Fellow, The U.K. Homoeopathic Medical Association, 13 May 1990

Certificate Course. Completed Certificate Course in Iscador Therapy and Anthroposophical Medicine from Lukas Klinik, Arlesheim, Switzerland in1985 and since then, regularly going to upgrade the recent advances in Iscador Therapy.

Licenciate affliliated to the court of examiners in Homeopathy from Bombay Homeopathic Medical College, Mumbai; (1976 – 1980)

Bio and Picture to be published soon

Teacher of Homeopathy in several schools in Italy and abroad (Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech republic, Dubai, Germany, Hungary, India, Latvia, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United kingdom).
Speaker in 9 LMHI congress.
Author of the book “Children: homeopathic materia medica with repertorial symptoms”, edited in 5 different languages.
Author of the Paediatric Repertory “Children concepts”.
Author of the book “Groups and themes”, coming soon in 5 different languages.
From 2000 to 2005 Director of the School – Training – Teaching Department of the Italian Federation of Homeopathic Doctors (FIAMO).

Bio and Picture to be published soon

Josef M. Schmidt is a Professor of the History of Medicine at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich /Germany. He has studied medicine, philosophy, theology, and the history of medicine in Munich, obtaining both a doctorate in medicine (1980) and philosophy (1990). After his medical specialization as a Doctor of Family Medicine and Homeopathy, in 2005 he was conferred the qualification as a professor (venia legendi, habilitation) at the University of Munich. In 1992, during a one-year stay as a Research Associate at the Department of the History of Health Sciences at the University of California, San Francisco, he has edited the first textual critical edition of Hahnemann’s manuscript of the sixth edition of the Organon of the Art of Healing. Since then, he has published numerous articles and seminal works on the history and theory of homeopathy and has been lecturing to university students as well as to the medical profession in his summer schools or at international congresses.

Dr. Frederik Schroyens is a 1977 medical graduate of the State University of Gent (Belgium) and a 1978 graduate of the one-year Homeopathic Training Course at the Faculty for Homeopathy in London. He is practicing homeopathy since 1978.
In 1981, Dr. Schroyens became the constitutive President of VSU, the first Flemish homeopathic school in Belgium.
Since 1986 he became the Scientific Co-ordinator of the RadarOpus related projects.
In 1993 he edited a printed version of Synthesis, the expanded Repertory linked to RadarOpus. Successive editions have been printed over 60 times in 6 languages, making it the most widely used homeopathic repertory to date.

Dr. Schroyens has been lecturing in most European countries as well as in South Africa, Asia, North and South America.

Bio and Picture to be published soon

Function: Past president of UNIO Homeopathica Belgica.
Past Secretary for Research ECH – LMHI.
President of the Belgian Commission “Homeopathic Medicines Registration” for the Belgian Medicine Agency.
Education: MD 1974 UCL / MD Homeopath 1981 SRBH
Scientific Experience: Co-author of COST B4 report of the EU. Surveys on homeopathic practice in Belgium and Europe. Expert in clinical verification of homeopathic symptoms. Initiator of the yearly updated booklet about “Scientific Framework of Homeopathy”. Coordinator of DYNHOM research project on the homeopathic medicine pharmacology.
First line MD practice in Brussels – Belgium.

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